18-wheeler strikes client tending his trailer on the shoulder of the express way: The truck driver said our client walked into the truck’s path in the right lane of the express way. We proved that the truck driver lied. Based upon the physical evidence collected by an accident reconstruction expert and a medical expert, we proved that the client was struck on his right side meaning he would have had to do the Michael Jackson moon walk into the lane of travel. The case settled.

Horrible multi-vehicle pile up on the express way: Client died in a horrible multi-vehicle pile up on the express way when witnesses said a dense fog suddenly appeared and blocked all visibility. When the police arrived, the fog was gone. We proved that the fog was created by a large spill from a nearby nitrogen/oxygen truck loading facility which initially denied liability. An overflow caused the cold cryogenic material to run down hill and across the expressway. As it flowed it condensed into a thick fog. In doing so, it left a scientific foot print identified by our experts. The case settled during trial.

Passenger in a commercial vehicle hit by a train: Client who was a passenger in a commercial vehicle crossing a railroad track was struck by a train and severely injured. After two weeks of trial, the jury rendered a verdict in excess of $30,000,000.00. $25,000,000.00 of this award was for punitive damages designed to punish a wrong doer and to deter similar conduct in the future. At trial, the jury learned of many troubling things that were uncovered throughout the course of trial preparation. This story was part of a series of articles written by a reporter for the New York Times who won the Pulitzer Prize for these articles.

Hundreds of nursing home patients signed the same contract: Hundreds of nursing home patients signed the same contract where the nursing home promised to comply with state and federal law in providing a high standard of care within the home. Our clients alleged that care was so bad that most of money paid under these contracts should be reimbursed. The case settled for over 18 million dollars.

After more than two days of child birth labor, our client’s baby did not survive the delivery process: The family contacted us promptly so that medical specialists could determine the health of the baby and the cause of its death. Because of our ability to act promptly, we possessed compelling evidence of malpractice and were able to settle the case prior to filing a lawsuit. With the ability to preserve evidence promptly, our experience confirms that prompt, fair settlements are more likely.

Client was a passenger on an American airline jet which crashed while attempting to land in a thunderstorm: Gene Ludwig’s expertise as a jet pilot helped ask the right questions in developing proof to settle the case.

Smoke from a road side fire caused a mulit-vehicle collision on the highway where our client was struck by an 18-wheeler and severely injured: Unlike most motorists who approached the smoke that day, the driver of the 18-wheeler admitted that he actually accelerated as he entered the smoke. He denied hitting our client. With the help of a forensic expert and a very talented accident reconstruction expert, we were able to prove with evidence as powerful as a fingerprint that the truck driver had in fact hit our client. The case settled at trial.

Client’s land was damaged by pollution from oil company drilling operations: Vast portions of our client’s property looked like a waste land. Salt water from drilling operations had poisoned many acres of land in ways that were similar to what the Romans did to the Carthaginians long ago. The case was settled.

We have handled many other fascinating cases for many deserving clients. If you are a good person, have truly been wronged, and have really suffered as a result, I would be honored to represent you.