Arkansas Nursing Home Abuse

National Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home neglect or abuse often stems from profit making budgets which provide fewer staff members and other essentials than the law requires. This prevents good workers from being able to do all that is critical for the care promised by the nursing facility’s admission contract.

Most nursing home residents totally rely upon the responsibility of nursing home employees to provide food, water, medicine, bathroom assistance, daily hygiene care, physical therapy, personalized medical attention, and personalized medical attention. State and Federal law requires Arkansas nursing homes to provide each resident with the highest level of physical and psycho-social well-being. Yet many Arkansas homes regularly admit failing to meet state minimum staffing requirements. How can the required level of care be provided by a nursing home that regularly admits failing to meet minimum staffing requirements? It is not surprising that some of the most profitable homes in the state also provide some of the worst care.

Nursing homes will sell their facilities with fancy brochures and well manicured lawns, but it takes careful monitoring to know what goes on behind the scenes. Nursing homes are highly regulated by state and federal law and it takes an attorney who knows these regulations to be an effective advocate. If your loved one has suffered any of the following, they may be a victim of abuse caused by placing profits over people:

  1. Dehydration;
  2. Repeated infections or multiple painful urinary tract infections often caused by poor hygiene;
  3. Frozen joints, limited mobility, or contractures;
  4. Weight loss;
  5. Bedsores;
  6. Fractures;
  7. Falls;
  8. Unexplained injuries;
  9. Over medication;
  10. Withdrawal and isolation;
  11. Sudden changes in behavior;
  12. Staff refusing to allow visitors to see residents or delays in allowing visitors to see residents;
  13. Staff not allowing residents to be alone with visitors;
  14. Unsanitary conditions or foul odors; and
  15. Violation of resident’s rights or the failure to provide the highest level of physical and psycho-social well-being.

We have successfully handled many nursing home cases on behalf of our clients, including an $18.9 million settlement in 2006. If your loved one has experienced any of the above problems, please contact us to learn more.