What separates us from many other law firms:

A. Our road less traveled: 

We do not hire underlings to take charge of your case.  Gene Ludwig is personally involved and if helpful, will affiliate with top talent to build a legal team best suited for the particular needs of your case.  The top talent needed to investigate a railroad tragedy is far different from what is necessary to investigate nursing home abuse, or trucking accidents, or a host of other categories of claims we handle.  The legal team which recovered the record verdict on our home page was far different than the legal team that broke new legal ground in the nursing home arena. 

What separates this firm from many others is the willingness to share attorney fees with other lawyers who bring something special to a legal team tailored to the unique demands of your case.  There are many cases in which the talents of two or more top firms out perform the talent of any single firm.  “Two heads are better than one.”  Such fee sharing is at no extra charge to our clients.

B. Unusual tools for our profession:
We do not overlook the importance of spending quality time with our clients away from distractions. We often use our beach retreat in Destin, Florida to spendthe time necessary to effectively learn and tell our client’s story. 

This is not a gimmick.  In fact, it can be one of the most important foundations for a successful settlement or trial.

We use our law firm jet for most of this travel.  It generally increases efficiency, convenience, comfort, confidentiality much more.


Gene A. Ludwig